TD Meadow Coverage

The top down meadow coverage contains 5 different:
2 grass patches,
3 flower patches,
and 1 rye patch.

Each Patch includes 3 LODs, optimized for a top down view angle.

All plants sharing the same material and textures.

Albedo, Mask
Roughness, AmbientOcclusion, Metallic

I also want to update this Pack with more groundplants and a system that add dynamics to the Plants.
And I want to keep all Plants in reasonable atlants.
Feel free to comment and ask for new Plants or technical questions and if there the request of selling the source and workingfiles I will find a way to make that possible.
Sorry that I am not able to push the features and all the Plants at once.

And thank you purchase the Package and support an Indipendent developer and student,