Preparing a new Twitch stream


Hey together, it feels like ages that I posted something. I was pretty busy the last couple of weeks because of the relocation but now I have found some time and preparing a new Substance stream about Snow and some good tricks to fake the snowy effect without special detail maps.


It will take a bit till I have a final idea how to structure my next stream. Because the last one was really unstructured.

So see you soon at Twitch.

The new Stream:

Feel free to leave a comment and feetback.


Substance Live Sessions

I had a hard time the last few weeks because of the upcoming release of Sacred Legends and some unannounced project I am not allowed to talk about.

I start a new project. I want to stream how I work with the substance tools at least two times a month.

I wanted to write a blog entry for every stream but I turned out that I didn’t find the time to do so.
But now here is the collection of streams of the last 2 month I think.

I stream on Twitch and upload the videos later on YouTube.
Twitch channel
YouTube channel

Stylized texturing in Substance Designer

Hey there is some new update belongs to my personal education. Current I am playing a lot with substance designer. and this tool is damn powerful. Substance is really fast in creating realistic Textures and nearly everyone, mostly Concept and traditional Texture artists told me that substance is only for realistic game textures and not for hand painted looking games. … Ok Challenge accepted! 10 Hours Later! I got a result.. I still need to tweak the math and the blending logic but for 10 hours’ work.  I call it ok.. I had to builtup everything from scratch with my own Generators and colouring logic.

The initial idea for this substance was a bet with one of our Artists, Bastian Brem at Chimera Entertainment .

the bet was that I can create a stylized texture in his style in substance spending less time.

Breakdown Video

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Again some cliffs.. i tryed different Things.. and now i came up with something that Looks like alpine cliffs.
I also worked on some new snow textures.. also made some experience with FX Maps in substance designer.


Ok some new updates. I realy dont have much new stuff to show.. I worked a lot on my personal Projekt and tryed some new Rendering techniques and started to lern Substance Designer… so this is my first Progress:


The Rocks are a bit random but i think this will work for my Project. otherwise i have to create a new Rocks 😉


Procedural Cliffs. also Created in 3ds Max. this is allready LP the ingame lowpoly Model.


Fan Art of the Villian Mask of Fable 3.


Prezedural texture creation in 3Ds max,


I just made a small Terrain with a Special grass shader and my splatmap shader. i created all textures on my own.

Snipped Cutoff shader.
Snipped Cutoff shader.

Rockwall Texture_Samples

Displacementmap shader with Splatmap blending.. Its all Unity shaders and im sorry no GLSL or HLSL.. but i going to learn that stuff as soon as i am ready 😉


More Crazy stuff… dusplacementmap shader with tesselation and my own Textures.


Some Moss created the a Multilayer shader


Some more Shader Stuff.. This is a Fake skinshader for some mobile application..


This was my first “Professional” Shader Experiences.. We wanted to create some unique artistic Stile to create so unique artstyle.