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Again some cliffs.. i tryed different Things.. and now i came up with something that Looks like alpine cliffs.
I also worked on some new snow textures.. also made some experience with FX Maps in substance designer.


Ok some new updates. I realy dont have much new stuff to show.. I worked a lot on my personal Projekt and tryed some new Rendering techniques and started to lern Substance Designer… so this is my first Progress:


The Rocks are a bit random but i think this will work for my Project. otherwise i have to create a new Rocks 😉


Procedural Cliffs. also Created in 3ds Max. this is allready LP the ingame lowpoly Model.


Fan Art of the Villian Mask of Fable 3.


Prezedural texture creation in 3Ds max,


I just made a small Terrain with a Special grass shader and my splatmap shader. i created all textures on my own.

Snipped Cutoff shader.
Snipped Cutoff shader.

Rockwall Texture_Samples

Displacementmap shader with Splatmap blending.. Its all Unity shaders and im sorry no GLSL or HLSL.. but i going to learn that stuff as soon as i am ready 😉


More Crazy stuff… dusplacementmap shader with tesselation and my own Textures.


Some Moss created the a Multilayer shader


Some more Shader Stuff.. This is a Fake skinshader for some mobile application..


This was my first “Professional” Shader Experiences.. We wanted to create some unique artistic Stile to create so unique artstyle.



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